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Roanoke River Clean-upWashington Park Clean-upParkway Tree Planting - 03/10
jeffersonstreetcleanup32014.jpgKPAD 2009DSC_0019.jpg
KI President Dedicates Signature ProjectKI President Dedicates Signature ProjectJefferson Street Clean-up (Sept 2010)
Kiwanisinstallation100114004.JPGWest End Center Christmas PartyParkway Tree Planting - 03/10
KI President Dedicates Signature ProjectDSC_0019.jpgDSC01398.JPG
KidsPost StainingDSC_0061.jpg
Post StainingClean Up Crew
Meetings: Every Wed. at 12:30 pm·Patrick Henry Hotel Ballroom, 611 S. Jefferson Street, Roanoke, VA, 24011 ·540-265-2441


The Kiwanis Club of Roanoke is a community service organization in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia that caters to the needs of young children, youth, and the elderly. Our Club provides funds and sweat equity to over 25 charitable organizations. At the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke you can fulfill your duty to serve the community and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

 our new president  bass player  DSC_0061.jpg 7  James Breckinridge Middle School  John Montgomery  DSC_0038.jpg 2  Dan Chitwood performing  past presidents  Tom Miller and Will Dibling  DSC_0061.jpg 13  Vern Danielsen  Reggie Harris and Terry Apple  Terry Apple  Ken Briggs  Eddie Barnes  Sherry Dillon and Jim Arend  DSC_0005.jpg 6  passing the gavel  head table  Andree Brooks