Chair - Mike Hamlar

Website, Newsletter & Public Relations - Objective: To maintain club's website, publish newsletter and prepare news releases related to Kiwanis programs, projects or other significant events to local news media. Chair: Jeanne Bollendorf. John Montgomery, Lloyd Enoch.

Nominations Committee - Objective: To develop a slate of officers and directors for approval of the Board of Directors prior to annual meeting  and manage the election process. Chair: Jim Arend. Alex Bowman, J.C. Taylor, Sherry Dillon, Reggie Wood.

Parliamentarian - Objective: To interpret the Rules of Order when called upon by the President or other Presiding Office. Chair: Will Dibling.

Historical - Objective: To maintain archives of the club in cooperation with the Roanoke City Library. Chair: David Lemon. David Farnum



Chair - Sam Lionberger III

Assistance to Aging - Objective: To work with the Adult Care Center and other agencies where appropriate to support senior citizens who are in need. Chair: Don Chichester. Sam Lionberger III, Mike Pyle, Margaret Macher, Paige Darby, John Shumate.

Meals on Wheels - Objective: To deliver meals-on-wheels to the elderly citizens in cooperation with the Local Office on Aging. Chair: Don Wilson. Lois Larson, Mike McEvoy, Dee Copenhaver, Don Chichester, John Montgomery, Dan Karnes, Ken Briggs, Philip Shiner.

Environment - Objective: To work with local governing bodies and other agencies to support the Greenways in the Roanoke Valley and participate in other projects which have a positive environmental impact in the community. Chair: Mike Loveman. Lee Osborne, Mike McEvoy, Sam Lionberger III, Rupert Cutler, Gary Duerk, David Perry, John Ewart, Guy Byrd, David Farnum, Bill Bestpitch, Don Witt, Robert Carpenter.

International Understanding - Objective: To provide opportunities for members to develop better understanding between our nation and other nations through programs and special events. Chair: Jackie Bledsoe. John Light, Jack Tompkins, Bill Bestpitch.



Chair - Larry Kufel

Career and Technical Education - Objective: To provide recognition through an awards program for students enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs in the Roanoke City and Roanoke County Public Schools. Co-Chairs: Lloyd Enoch and Chris Banta. Nancy Hack, Sherry Dillon, Mike McEvoy, Dick Clemmer, Dee Copenhaver, David Farnum, Larry Kufel, Ken Briggs, Jim Arend.

Academic Achievement - Objective: To provide academic scholarships for students to attend college or university programs. Co-Chairs: Dee Copenhaver and Larry Kufel. Lee Osborne, John Light, Sherry Dillon, Mike McEvoy, Jenny Lee, Dan Karnes, Reif Kessler, Pegram Johnson, Ken Briggs, Don Witt, Cathy Thompson, Philip Shiner.

Educational Achievement : Career & Tech. Education



Chair - Mike Leigh

Special Budget and Grants - Objective: To develop requests for proposal for grants to outside agencies and for club projects and prepare for annual budget for community service for Board approval. Chair: John Montgomery. Lee Osborne, John Bradshaw, Ben Spiker, Donna Lynch, Robert Habermann, Cheri Hartman, Manly Aylor, Dan Karnes.

Administrative Budget, Audit and Risk Management - Objective: To prepare annual budget for administration and present to Board of Directors for approval, review risks involved in projects, and oversee the annual audit of the club's financial records. Chair: Lloyd Enoch. Robert Habermann, John Montgomery, Bill Clark.


Strategic Planning, By-Laws, Policy Committee - Objective: To review club's strategic plan and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for updates. Chair: Don Witt. Lee Osborne, Lloyd Enoch, John Light, Jeanne Bollendorf, John Montgomery, Bill Bestpitch.



Chair: Don Witt

Golf Tournament ELIMINATE Project - Objective: To raise money for the Kiwanis International Foundation's Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus project. Co-Chairs: Sam Lionberger III and Jim Arend. Eddie Barnes, Mike McEvoy, Larry Kufel, Steve Willis, Sherry Dillon, J.C. Taylor, Clark Goodman, Bob Thomas, Bob Rutherford, John Light.

Kiwanis Pancake & Auction Day (KPAD) - Objective: To plan and organize club's annual fund raising event, Kiwanis Pancake & Auction Day, providing funds for Community Service Budget. Chair: Don Witt. Nancy Hack, Sherry Dillon, Jenny Lee, Mike Loveman, Betsy Bohannon, Joyce Montgomery, Cheri Hartman, Steve Willis.

Sponsorship - Objective: To solicit support from corporate sponsors for scholarships, awards for career and ethnical education students and to support other community service projects. Chair: Tom Miller. Lee Osborne, John Light, Rupert Cutler, Ben Spiker, LeeAnn Linkenhoker.



Chair: Terry Apple

Prayer Breakfast - Objective: To organize and conduct an interfaith breakfast on the National Day of Prayer to develop knowledge, understanding and goodwill between different religious faiths. Chair: Terry Apple. John Light. Dee Copenhaver.

Invocations - Objective: To provide thoughtful, inclusive and meaningful meditations for the club's meetings. Chair: Bill Logan. Wendy Mellenthin, Jack Tompkins, Don Chichester, John Montgomery, Dan Karnes, J.C. Taylor, Don Edwards.

Transportation - Objective: To assist members by arranging transportation for those who cannot transport themselves to meetings. Chair: Mike Pyle. Dee Copenhaver, Philip Shiner.



Chair: Cheri Hartman

CHIP Backpacks - Objective: To organize and manage the collection and distribution of backpacks and school supplies for children entering Kindergarten in cooperation with CHIP. Chair: Terry Apple. Wendy Mellenthin, Lee Osborne, Vern Danielsen, Sherry Dillon, Jeanne Bollendorf, Mike McEvoy, Ben Spiker, Donna Lynch, Mike Pyle, Dee Copenhaver, John Ewart, Mike Quinn, Cheri Hartman, Guy Byrd, John Montgomery, Bill Bestpitch, Don Witt, Paige Darby, Margaret Macher.

BUGS & Terrific Kids - Objective: To work with elementary schools implementing programs for Bringing Up Grades (BUGS), Terrific Kids. Chair: Mike McEvoy. Dee Copenhaver, Judy Clark, Cathy Thompson.

Kids Fishing Day - Objective: To arrange and implement a program for children to participate in a fishing rodeo in cooperation with the Roanoke City Schools, Hope Tree Family Service and others. Co-Chairs: Mike Bell and Bob Rutherford. Vern Danielsen, Lloyd Enoch, Dee Copenhaver, John Ewart, David Lemon, Reif Kessler.



Chair: Jenny Lee

Welcome Table - Objective: To set up the welcome table prior to each meeting, register members and guests attending, greet visitors, arrange for a member to introduce guests at the beginning of each meeting; and deliver attendance and visitor sheets to the Secretary or Treasurer.  After meeting, close the welcome table by securing badges and other items for storage, Co-Chairs: John Montgomery and Pegram Johnson. John Light, Mike McEvoy, Don Witt, Paige Darby, Ben Spiker, Reggie Wood.

Programs & Speaker Coordination - Objective: To arrange speakers, gather information regarding audio-visual or other special needs; and introduce speakers at regular wednesday meetings. Chair: Jenny Lee.

Music - Objective: To arrange for a song or other music at regular Wednesday meetings and at other meetings as requested. Chair: Judy Clark. Gary Duerk, Don Chichester, Bill Bestpitch, Chris Head, Don Chitwood, Tom Miller, Mike Quinn.



Chair: Pegram Johnson

Recruitment - Objective: To develop and execute an on-going new member development plan for the club. Chair: Pegram Johnson. Alex Brendel, LeeAnn Linkenhoker, Ken Briggs, Paige Darby, Manly Aylor.

Orientation - Objective: To arrange for new members o be given an orientation to the club's operations to assure an opportunity for them to become active permanent members of the club. Chair: Reggie Woods. John Montgomery, Jackie Bledsoe, Lloyd Enoch, Jeanne Bollendorf, Donna Lynch.

Member Follow-Up With Inactive Members - Objective: To contact members who have become inceptive in club projects or have low attendance to reactivate their interest and participation in club activities. Chair: Wendy Mellenthin. Eddie Barnes, John Light, Ben Spiker, Gary Duerk, John Montgomery, David Farnum, Pegram Johnson, Don Witt, Dee Copenhaver, Cathy Thompson, Philip Shiner.



Chair: Dave Spangler

Interclubs - Objective: To organize annual inter club sponsored by our club including arrangements for the budget, site, meals, golf or other activities, social hour arrangements, advertise event within club, invite other Kiwanis clubs, secure attendance list, arrange entertainment and coordinate attendance of our members to other inter clubs. Chair: Eddie Barnes.

Social Events - Objective: To organize social events for club members to include budget development, site, meals if appropriate, and other activities for the event. Co-Chairs: Paige Darby and Lois Larson. Dave Spangler, Donna Lynch, Margaret Macher.

Installation Banquet - Objective: To arrange annual installation banquet for induction of new Officers and Directors. Chair: John Montgomery. Lloyd Enoch, Dave Spangler, Steve Willis.


Chair: Ken Briggs

Objective: To provide opportunities to serve. lead, grow and belong for elementary through college students and special needs groups. Advisors provide support and guidance in event and meeting planning.

Middle School Builders Clubs:

Hidden Valley M.S. - Advisors: Joyce Montgomery & Betsy Bohannon.

Roanoke Catholic M.S.  - Advisor: Mike Pyle.

Lucy Addison M.S. - Advisor: Mike Hamlar

High School Key Clubs:

Cave Spring H.S. - Advisors: Scott Jenkins & Bob Rutherford

Forest Park Academy - Advisors: Cheri Hartman & Frank Rogan

Hidden Valley H.S. - Advisors: Ken Briggs & Robert Carpenter

Northside H.S. - Advisor: Dee Copenhaver

Patrick Henry H.S. -  Advisor: Reif Kessler

Roanoke Catholic - Advisor: Jeff Leatherwood

Staunton River H.S. - Advisor: Sam Lionberger, Jr.

William Fleming H.S. - Advisors: Larry Kufel & John Light


Westside K-Kids - Advisor: Mike McEvoy

Virginia Western Community College  Circle K - Advisors: David Daniels, Don Witt


Phoenix Star Akton Club - Advisors: Walter Vance, Ken Briggs, Page Darby