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Circle K International is an international collegiate service organization that is a sponsored leadership program of Kiwanis International. It promotes service, leadership, and fellowship. It has over 13,000 members. See website at:

Key Club is the high school version of CKI. With more than 276,000 members in more than 5000 high schools, it’s the world’s largest and oldest service leadership organization for teens.These students could be the next generation of Circle K, so get to know them. You know they love service so invite them to participate in your projects, offer to help with theirs or speak at their club meetings.  See website at:

Builders Club is an international student-led service organization for middle school/junior high students. It’s for young people who want to build a better world for themselves and others through service. CKI members can be a positive influence on these students and CKI clubs are encouraged to co-sponsor a Builders Club with their local Kiwanis club. See we site at:

K-Kids is a student-led community service club for elementary school students. It teaches members that they have the ability to improve their world by helping others. They identify, plan and lead community service projects. CKI clubs are encouraged to co-sponsor a K-Kids club with a local Kiwanis club so you can extend your impact on your community. See website at:

Bring Up Grades or BUG is a program designed to provide recognition to students who raise their grades into an acceptable range and maintain or continue to raise them from one grading period to the next. Recognition includes being placed on the school’s BUG Honor Roll; a pizza, ice cream or other food-themed party; and presentation of certificates and buttons. See website at:

Aktion Club is the only member-led service club for adults with disabilities. Members plan, lead and participate in community service projects. Members gain self confidence and a sense of belonging and communities gain a hard-working group of always eager volunteers. See website at: