INSPIRATION: Membership and Engagement
Champions: Lois James, Larry Kufel, Don Witt, Cheri Hartman, Mike McEvoy, Luke Young, Mike McEvoy, Steve McGraw, Clark Goodman, Ken Briggs, Sherman Holland, Donna Lynch

Programs: Mike McEvoy - Chair
Objective: Coordinate obtaining speakers for the weekly meetings with the intent to provide meaningful topics that are of interest to the membership.
Members: Mike O’Brochta, Sam Lionberger Jr., Mike Quinn, Rupert Cutler, Gary Powers, David Bowers, Sam Lionberger III, Virginia Hutson, Judy Clark, Virginia Hutson

Membership: Lois James and Larry Kufel - Co-Chairs
Objective: Initiate strategies to increase and diversify membership; recommend ways to make Kiwanis an attractive organization to join; assist new members to become acclimated to the Club; provide outreach to current members.
Members: Jenny Lee, Cheri Hartman, Andy Stone, Don Wilson, John Light, Bob Habermann, LeeAnn Linkenhoker, Ken Briggs, Donna Lynch, Betsy Bohannon, Pegram Johnson, Jackie Bledsoe, Reggie Wood, Mike O’Brochta, Joyce Montgomery

Young Professional Recruitment Ad Hoc Sub-Committee: Don Witt - Chair
Members: Chloe White, Diane Smith, Amy Carter, Donna Lynch

Fun Committee (KFC): Lois James - Chair
Objective: Organize events for the membership to encourage fellowship and fun.
Members: Paige Darby, Andree’ Brooks, Amy Carter, Jamie Bailey, Eddie Barnes, Larry Kufel, Bob Thomas, Dave Spangler, Donna Lynch, Jackie Bledsoe, Andy Stone, Tim Mulherin, Shireen Buckley


Welcoming: Pegram Johnson and Dave Perry – Co-Chairs
Objective: Greet members and guests; introduce visitors to the Club; make all feel welcome.
Members: Mike O’Brochta, Tracey Palame, Sam Lionberger Jr., Steve Willis

Music: Judy Clark – Chair
Objective: Coordinate and lead song selections for the meeting opening and coordinate other music-related events.
Members: Gary Duerk, Tom Miller, Dan Chitwood, Bill Bestpitch, Don Chichester, Mike Quinn, Dave Perry

Invocation: Bill Logan – Chair
Objective: Coordinate non-denominational invocations at the beginning of each meeting.
Members: Wendy Mellenthin, Don Chichester, J. C. Taylor, Dan Karnes, Sam Lionberger Jr., Dave Spangler, Gary Duerk, Dave Perry, Virginia Hutson

Pledge of Allegiance: John Ewart – Chair
Objective: Coordinate members to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Members: Jim Arend, David Bowers, Sam Lionberger Jr., Dave Perry

Meeting Setup and Breakdown: Joyce Montgomery – Chair
Objective: To ensure that weekly Kiwanis Club meetings are set up and broken down with pipe and drape, banners, flags, bell and gavel, etc.
Members: Andy Stone, Jim Randles, John Ewart

Kiwanis Kares and Transportation: Wendy Mellenthin – Chair
Objective: To offer outreach and support to Kiwanis Club members as needed and to help with special needs related to transportation to meetings and events.
Members: John Montgomery, Monica Seiler, Mike Pyle, Henry Jernigan, Sam Lionberger Jr., Ken Briggs, Jenny Lee

50/50 Rubber Chicken Raffle: Mike O’Brochta – Chair
Objective: Raise funds to strengthen and support the Club’s administrative budget.
Members: Don Witt, Joyce Montgomery, Betsy Bohannon, Tim Mulherin

Prayer Breakfast: Reggie Wood and Jackie Bledsoe – Co-Chairs
Objective: To organize and conduct an interfaith breakfast on the National Day of Prayer to develop knowledge, understanding and goodwill among different religious faiths.
Members: Jenny Lee, Cheri Hartman, David Hartman M.D., Jackie Bledsoe, Dee Copenhaver, Wendy Mellenthin, Arnold Masinter, Joe Cobb, Sam Rasoul

IMPACT: Meaningful Service
Leadership: Lloyd Enoch, Mike Leigh, Reif Kessler, Mike Loveman, Frank Rogan

Service Leadership Programs (SLPs): Reif Kessler – Chair
Objective: Advise, support and encourage leadership and growth for students in local school K-Kids Clubs, Builders Clubs, Key Clubs, Circle K Clubs and Phoenix Star Aktion Club.
Westside Elementary K-Kids: Mike McEvoy
Phoenix Star Aktion Club: Walter Vance, Ken Briggs, Paige Darby, Mike Loveman, Jenny Lee
Middle School Builders Clubs
Roanoke Catholic -
Lucy Addison -LeeAnn Linkenhoker
High School Key Clubs
Cave Spring - Bob Rutherford & Chloe White
Faith Christian - Larry Kufel & Gary Powers
Forest Park - Cheri Hartman & Frank Rogan
Hidden Valley - Angela Paplomatas & Ken Briggs
Northside - Tracey Palame & John Pendleton
Patrick Henry - Candace Benson & Reif Kessler
Roanoke Catholic - Jeff Leatherwood & Mike Pyle
Staunton River - Sam Lionberger, Jr.
William Fleming - John Light & Sherman Holland

Environment: Gary Duerk – Chair
Objective: Develop activities which provide a positive impact on the local environment through trash clean-ups, support of the Greenway System and other environmental needs.
Members: Will Dibling, John Ewart, Rupert Cutler, David Bowers, Lee Osborne, Mike Loveman, Jamie Bailey, David Farnum, Dan Chitwood, David Perry, Cynthia Gray, Mike O’Brochta, Virginia Hutson

Grants: Bob Habermann – Chair
Objective: Coordinate the distribution of service project funding, including Academic Achievement, CTE, Grants and internal Kiwanis projects. Develop procedures and criteria for the distribution of grant funding.
Members: Tom Miller, Angela Paplomatas, Dan Karnes, John Bradshaw, Cheri Hartman, John Montgomery, Lee Osborne, Donna Lynch, Ben Spiker, Vern Danielsen, Manly Aylor, Reggie Wood, Henry Jernigan, Jenny Lee, Jim Arend, Jamie Bailey, Mike Shaver

Academic Scholarships: Cathy Thompson – Chair
Objective: Secure students’ applications for academic scholarships; develop criteria for selection process and awards.
Members: Pegram Johnson, Sherry Dillon, David Bowers, Mike McEoy, Phil Shiner, Larry Kufel, David Farnum, Scott Jenkins, Lee Osborne, John Light, Reif Kessler, Dee Copenhaver, Jim Arend, Ken Briggs, Monica Seiler, Mike Shaver, Henry Jernigan, Will Dibling

Career & Technical Awards: Lloyd Enoch & Mike Leigh – Co-Chairs
Objective: Develop strategies to recognize and encourage students who choose technical education to meet the needs of local businesses.
Members: Andy Stone, Jim Arend, Sam Lionberger III, Chris Banta, Sherry Dillon, John Light, Dick Clemmer, Dee Copenhaver, David Farnum, Mike McEvoy, Don Witt, Diane Smith, Jeanne Bollendorf, Dan Karnes, Vern Danielsen, Nancy Hack

Programs for Senior Citizens: Don Chichester – Chair
Objective: Coordinate activities that enhance the well-being of senior citizens who are in need
Members: Don Wilson, Jim Randles, Monica Seiler, Mike Pyle, David Farnum, Angela Paplomatas, Glenn Pierce

West End Holiday Party: Lois James – Chair
Objective: Coordinate the annual Holiday party for West End Center children, including purchase and wrapping of gifts and arranging for a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus.
Members: Sam Lionberger Jr., Judy Clark, Paige Darby, Joyce Montgomery, Sam Lionberger III, John Ewart, Eddie Barnes, Diane Smith, Betsy Bohannon, Dan Chitwood, Sherry Dillon, Tim Mulherin

Kids Fishing Day: Bob Rutherford, M.D. – Chair
Objective: Coordinate a program for children to participate in a fishing rodeo.
Members: Mike Bell, Bob Thomas, Amy Carter, John Pendleton, Lloyd Enoch, Sherry Dillon, David Lemon, Dan Chitwood, John Ewart, Tracey Palame, Jim Randles, Will Dibling, Bill Stone

CHIP Backpacks: Sherry Dillon – Chair
Objective: Coordinate the collection and distribution of backpacks and school supplies for children entering kindergarten in cooperation with CHIP.
Members: Andreé Brooks, Lloyd Enoch, Cheri Hartman, Bob Thomas, Joyce Montgomery, Shireen Buckley, Wendy Mellenthin, Steve Willis, Betsy Bohannon

Bocce Ball Tournament: Clark Goodman – Chair
Objective: Coordinate annual community tournament for fund-raising and fun.
Members: Sam Lionberger III, Lois James, Jim Arend, Amy Carter, Bob Rutherford, M.D., John Light, Lloyd Enoch, Sherry Dillon, Gary Duerk, Monica Seiler, David Farnum, John Montgomery, Vern Danielsen

Playground Committee: Cheri Hartman and Jackie Bledsoe – Co-Chairs
Objective: Coordinate the design, construction and funding of an inclusive playground for a playground-deficient neighborhood, to be completed in conjunction with our Kiwanis Club’s 100th Anniversary in 2020.
Members: Don Witt, John Light, Dan Karnes, Bill Bestpitch, Steve McGraw, Sam Lionberger Jr., Sam Lionberger III, J.C. Taylor, Sherry Dillon, Dan Chitwood, Wendy Mellenthin, Frank Rogan, John Montgomery, Rupert Cutler, Tom Miller, Jim Arend, Vern Danielsen

100th Anniversary Committee: Jenny Lee – Chair
Objective: Coordinate strategies to recognize the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke’s 100th Anniversary in 2020.
Members: Cheri Hartman, Lee Osborne, Rupert Cutler, Bob Habermann, Steve McGraw, Jackie Bledsoe, Sherry Dillon, Roger Talmadge, Andy Stone, Reggie Wood, Lloyd Enoch, John Montgomery, Bob Thomas, Amy Carter, David Lemon, Diane Smith, Gary Powers, Cathy Thompson, Sam Lionberger Jr.

Meals on Wheels: Don Wilson – Chair
Objective: Deliver meals on wheels to the elderly in cooperation with the Local Office on Aging.
Members: John Shumate, Mike McEvoy, Don Chichester, John Montgomery, Dan Karnes, Ken Briggs, Phil Shiner, Dee Copenhaver, Dave Spangler, Jim Randles, Sam Rasoul, Tom Miller, Sherry Dillon, Glenn Pierce

First Responders Recognition: Steve McGraw – Chair
Objective: Recognize outstanding performance on the part of Roanoke City and Roanoke County Police Officers and Fire/EMT personnel on a quarterly basis.
Members: Clark Goodman, Jackie Bledsoe, Mike Pyle, Dan Karnes

IMAGE: Kiwanis Club’s Image in Our Community
Leadership: Jeanne Bollendorf, David Points, Clark Goodman, Bob Rutherford

PR and Marketing: Jeanne Bollendorf - Chair
Objective: Promote and increase the image of Kiwanis in the community.
Members: Gary Powers, Andreé Brooks, Jamie Bailey, Mike O’Brochta, Jenny Lee, Virginia Hutson

INVESTMENT: Financial Viability
Leadership: Jenny Lee, John Montgomery, Sherry Dillon,
Jim Arend, Sam Lionberger III

Kiwanis Pancake and Auction Day (KPAD): Cheri Hartman – Chair
Objective: Coordinate the annual signature fund-raising event which includes serving pancakes, silent auction, Guest Chefs and more.
Members: Chuck Baker, Jenny Lee, Bob Thomas, Sherry Dillon, Nancy Hack, Candace Benson, Mike Loveman, Dave Spangler, Ken Briggs, Ronnie Blankenship, Jim Randles, Mike Leigh, Jeff Leatherwood, Diane Smith, Betsy Bohannon, John Pendleton, Chloe White, Bill Logan, Jamie Bailey, Sam Lionberger Jr., Tracey Palame, Mike O’Brochta, Henry Jernigan

Sponsorships: Tom Miller – Chair
Objective: Solicit support from corporate sponsors for Academic Scholarships, CTE Awards and other community service projects.
Members: Ben Spiker, Diane Smith, Mike Shaver, Bob Habermann, Andy Stone, Manly Aylor, Shireen Buckley, Jamie Bailey, Jenny Lee

Administrative Budget: John Montgomery, Chair
Objective: Implement strategies to strengthen the administrative budget.
Members: Lloyd Enoch, Jim Arend, Tracey Palame, Sherry Dillon, Jenny Lee, Alex Bowman