Generous Kiwanis Foundation donors for 2017

President - Will Dibling Steve Bowery
Vice President - Mike Quinn John Bradshaw
Secretary - John Montgomery Pegram Johnson, III
Treasurer - Mike Bell Lee Osborne
Past President - Gary Duerk Don Wilson


The mission of the Kiwanis Foundation of Roanoke is to assist the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke financially in serving the children of our community and the world, serving the needs of seniors in our community, and improving the environment of Virginia's Blue Ridge.


Our vision is to build an endowment that will always support the Kiwanis Club of Roanoke in effecting meaningful and lasting changes in our community and our world.



1.a. NET VALUE MARKET - using a beginning balance of $560,000 and working through, and with, Catawba Capital Management achieve a Net Market Value of $700,000 by 10/31/17

1.b. ANNUAL CONTRIBUTIONS - using and improving the Foundation's existing methods, with a concentration on the annual campaign, increase both the renewal of existing gifts/contributors and the growth of existing gifts so as to raise at least $25,000 a year by 10/31/



1.a. MEMBERSHIP AWARENESS - achieve 100% membership awareness of the Foundation, its work, and opportunities to support its growth through orientation (new member), newsletter and website submissions, recognitions, annual presentations to the Club, Foundation representation on the Kiwanis Club Board of Directors.

2.b. COMMUNITY AWARENESS & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT - successfully secure, especially in partnership with others, grants (for Kiwanis projects).

2.c. SPECIAL GIFTS  - with a goal to raise $50,000 (separate from the annual campaign); prioritize, create and implement these giving opportunities; planned giving, designated gifts, special events, 4 targeted funds within the Foundation (environment, seniors, youth fund, scholarships) and individual/corporate scholarships.



3.a. BOARD STRUCTURE - create committees & time limited task forces organized to work outside of quarterly meetings and achieve significant milestones.

  • achieve the timeliness and efficiency of billing, collections and acknowledge procedures

3.b. FOUNDATION BOARD'S TEAMWORK aka internal operations - further build respectful, direct and creative communication within th board and in its members' coordination of projects and responsibilities.

3.c. ADMINISTRATION - after maximizing board member and committee and task force productivity, explore the employment of an administrative officer and revenue development assistant.

3.d. FIDUCIARY - continue the historical and current strong fiduciary management of the Foundation.


To download the Kiwanis Foundation of Roanoke  PLEDGE FORM, CLICK HERE.

The Kiwanis Foundation of Roanoke is a Section 501(c)(3) Organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  

Make checks payable to:     Kiwanis Foundation of Roanoke

Mail Pledge Form to:           Kiwanis Foundation of Roanoke

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